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What do you do when it’s raining, internet is down across the island, and you’ve read all of your books? Write a blog, of course! I’ve already taken a walk to the town’s only book shop which, much to my annoyance, was closed…

After fleeing Thailand’s version of Tenerife, arriving in Ko Lanta was a breath of fresh air. Living in south-east Asia for three and a half months, I’ve become used to fobbing off annoying, intrusive hotel touts with inventive stories – and quite an expert at it, if I do say so myself. Although on this occasion my line of “We’re already booked in at a place called the Bee Bee Bungalows (looked up speedily in the Lonely Planet). I called last night to make a reservation” slightly backfired on the ferry over, because this particular tout owned the resort and had a list of people who had bookings! Had to swallow my pride and Lewis, the owner, found it hilarious because he gets the same thing all of the time.

‘Back to basics’ was certainly the phrase that sprang to mind when we unbolted the feeble-looking lock to our ‘cosy’ hut. I never thought that having a washroom with a sink, walls not made of bamboo, and more than three square metres of living space would become my definition of luxury accommodation – especially as a former hotel reviewer! It did have a certain charm, however. But after six days of living in a confined space and getting caught in the mosquito net every time I moved an inch, I was definitely ready to move on.

Anyway… I totally fell in love with Khlong Kong. It wouldn’t be your typical person’s vision of a beautiful beach – especially as part of a group of islands renowned for their white powdery sands and crystalline waters. It’s got a rugged, rocky coastline with grainy golden sands and thousands of crabs – which, I think, gives it heaps more character. Combine that with the laidback hippy vibe and the lack of people, and you’ve discovered the epitome of relaxation. Hours could go by and not a single person would pass. Heaven, in my books!


Six beach ‘daze’ were clearly not enough, because we extended our stay on the island and moved to another place along the coast called Khlong Nin. This area was just as relaxing but less rocky, and you could actually move around in this bungalow! However, the aforementioned rain put a slight dampener on our last day.

So here it is: our last two days in south-east Asia before we head down under. We’ve arrived in a town called Krabi, where we’ll be flying out of to catch our connecting flight from Singapore. This little gem totally exceeded my expectations, and I’d wished we’d moved onto here sooner. Unlike some of the other (dare I say insignificant) Thai towns we’ve come across during our travels, this place had a certain loveable charm – a lively, friendly atmosphere paired with stunning scenic views…and all in one tiny little area.


Goodbye, Asia. It’s been an absolute pleasure, but I’m ready to get back to civilisation now!