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I’ve never spent Christmas away from home, so I wanted to make this year’s as memorable and as special as possible. And the 4,000 Islands was the perfect place to do it. Don Det has the coolest most laid back air of a place I’ve experienced; very similar to Pai’s bohemian vibe.

The hot, midday sun was beating down on us when we arrived on the island a couple of days before the big day, and we found ourselves a little wooden shack for £1.30 a night with two hammocks and a gorgeous view of the Mekong. Don Det was awash with bars, restaurants and full of like-minded travellers, and I couldn’t wait to spend some time lapping it up.


After a little exploring, we found what would be the destination for all of our dietary needs on the island – a restaurant run by an Aussie who adores his food! He sources the best meat from the local market, and prepares his customers’ meals with the same love and attention as he does with his own.

Christmas Day soon came around – not that the 30-plus degree heat made it feel particularly festive. I had a lovely Skype call with my family, lots of cocktails and games of Connect 4, and a not-so-traditional Christmas dinner of barbecued chicken and chips. Yum! I couldn’t have asked for a better and more relaxed day, but I can’t wait to spend Christmas 2013 back where I belong — at home with my family.