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Mopeds. Never had the urge to ride on one before, and have been pretty persistent in trying to dissuade my little brother from getting one now he’s 17. Unfortunately, Pai’s a small village up in the mountains and not many people seem to own cars. That means the only way you can get around if you want to see the sights is by hiring a scooter!

Keen on exploring the area, I decided to give it a go. But I can safely say that after three hours of riding, I definitely won’t be doing it again!

Don’t get me wrong: admiring the scenery while you’re whizzing along the open roads is a wonderful feeling. But if you feel uncomfortable and lack confidence, you’ll never be able to completely relax and feel as free as you’d like to. I felt much safer during our journey through the countryside because no-one else was on the roads, and during that time we managed to visit a hilltop temple and the Memorial Bridge. After reading the history on it, they don’t seem to have much luck with that particular crossing…

Handing the moped back at the end of the day felt such a relief. The others decided to keep their bikes for the following day to do some more exploring. I was more than happy to spend the day reading and writing in the hammock!