So, after STA Travel booked us onto a flight that didn’t exist, we’re finally in Thailand! A strongly-worded email was crafted while we were angry and has been sent to Paddy, our agent. I’m sure it brightened up his Monday morning! The 15-hour wait in Colombo wasn’t a high point either; the pack of cards I brought with me came in handy, and I survived on a not-so-healthy diet of biscuits and crisps!

Anyway, Bangkok is a lot different to how I expected – and I love it so far. Thanks to Sarah Close for her recommendation of the Rambuttri Plaza hotel – it’s lovely and having hot water is a real treat! On our first evening we went and eat near the Khaosan Road and I had my favourite dish: pad thai. I’m not being particularly adventurous at the moment because we sampled some street food today and I had…pad thai (which cost 70p!) I’m sure I’ll try something different soon, although I’ve not been tempted by any fish dishes yet – or dog!

We’re spending another day in Bangkok to decide where we’re headed next, but I think we’ll be making our way to the north of Thailand.